Top 5 Core Leadership Values Of A Successful Leader

Core Leadership Values Of Successful Leader: Decades have passed now, yet many organizations are not compatible with standing tall with their global competition. What could they lack as they cannot sustain their position in the worldwide marketplace?

Global industry leaders like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet worked throughout their careers so hard with their sheer determination and an excellent vision, which helped them to take their companies to exceptional heights. They were able to do so as they had a strong belief and were following Core Leadership Values and Principles to offer an entirely new definition to the world of the business.

However, we are not here to talk about their success story on this topic. But we certainly will focus on the Guiding Principles of Leadership that will guide individuals to their companies to new heights, achieve success with their initiatives, and bring new transitions in the continuously evolving business world.

Before diving right into the core leadership values of a successful leader, let’s understand what leadership is in summary.

What Do We Understand By Leadership?

As John Maxwell has explained, ‘Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.’ Important consideration to keep in mind is that influence and manipulation are not the same thing. Also influence a positional strength are not the same. You can influence others even with no position power or control.

Influence is an ability to have a true impact on the opinions, attitudes and behaviors of others as they can see true & honest value in what you are saying.  This happens when you can listen and learn what motivates others, always focused on doing what is right for whole and not just for yourself. This also enables trust as it is a key ingredient in influence.

Here are the top 5 Core Leadership Values that will guide leaders to succeed with their prospective.

  • Integrity – “Walking your talk”

Integrity or truthfulness is a value that every leader must have. No leader can guide others or achieve success by lacking this core value. We often call it “doing the right thing”. Done often this leads to credibility.

Brian Tracy said “every time I hold a strategic business meeting, the first value each executive agrees on turns out to be integrity”.

Business leaders are aware that integrity is the foundation of excellent leadership. A leader should always take a stand for their belief. As a leader, you will face several situations. Some of them will be too overwhelming for you; being a good leader, you will be able to inspire others solely based on your principles without having to compromise on any of your beliefs. A leader following the value of integrity will always refrain from making bogus promises; they will never think about taking shortcuts or have thoughts and actions for solely personal gains.

Fulfilling the promises made to others while keeping ethics and morality is essential to ascertain success in the long run.

  • Credibility

Trust is foundation of Leading with Influence and influence is gained as you gain credibility. Trust operates on the same principles as your credit score; more you return in time, more credible you become. It also operates like your bank account; more you deposit more you can withdraw. That is why #1 listed above “Integrity” leads to credibility.

Another factor that impacts credibility are your skills, knowledge, and track record of execution. More you consistently exhibit these, more credible you are.

  • Listen, Engage & Connect

As John Maxwell says “Many communicate, few connect”.

Before you lead anyone, you need to ensure that they are involved. When it comes to leading you may seek input from others in important decisions.  The goal is to engage right stakeholders so that they are involved and are part of the decision-making process. Involve employees early when proposing or implementing changes.

In all scenarios, an able leader must have strong connections with his team. In order to build those strong connections, leader must understand the key motivators, needs and values of the team. That can only be achieved if the leader is a good listener who is always trying to understand what matters, is genuinely interested in others and whole heartedly willing to serve.

  • Innovative & Visionary

A leader is supposed to be visionary with a sharper instinct and a broad perspective. Visionary leaders always work to their optimum capacity and keep themselves updated with the changes commencing over time.

 Ensuring a futuristic vision with perseverance and keeping everyone included in the interest in the process is part of a visionary leader’s actions.

No visionary leader will ever hold back to take risks and irregular decisions that will feel them be suited to ensure specific future growth. Being an innovative leader doesn’t mean that you will create your genius ideas and provoke them over others without having second thoughts. An innovative leader allows others the freedom to develop their creative ideas.

Different people always come up with various innovative ideas. A good leader listens to them all, motivates them to think out of the box, and considers their points. These are the qualities of true leaders that offer them an edge over others since they are always looking for creative and innovative individuals like them.

  • Be Influenced

Influence is a two-way street. You must have seen that social media influencers follow, support and work closely other influencers. This increases their circle of influence and also circle of reach manifold.

In the same way it applies to leadership. Be genuinely open to others who can influence you. Be willing to listen to others’ ideas, invite and consider alternative viewpoints. Ensure that to acknowledge and use others’ skills and expertise as and when appropriate. You must also share the credit of the success with these fellow leaders. This will help you build respect and trust with others eventually increasing your influence.


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