SEO is one of the most important aspects of small business marketing. it help businesses rank higher in search results & increase website traffic and generate leads.

Here are 6 points why SEO is so important for small businesses:

Expand Your Reach

By developing a strong customer base on the web, you can grow your scope by being in the top pursuit on Google.

Conversion of clicks

SEO helps to increases the chance of conversion of clicks as well as to increase organic traffic.

Better User Experience

User experience is the main priority. The good user experience always has main element of any website's success.

Local SEO (Increase Traffic) 

63% percent of Google searches are from the local results and can help your local business to boost and increase local organic traffic.

Building Trust

SEO helps to a create clean and better user experience that makes a business easily Searchable in search engine adding to the trust of the brand.


A SEO implies that you can have quantifiable development in your business without requiring an immense measure of promoting spending plan.

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