Rohit Prabhakar

Rohit Prabhakar is an award-winning customer-obsessed marketing and enterprise software executive with a track record of developing and operationalizing business and go-to-market strategies. He has over 15+ yrs of experience in crafting comprehensive, business transformation and digital go-to-market strategies across enterprise companies and finance, healthcare, high-tech, and manufacturing industries.

Rohit Prabhakar's Journey

These strategies transformed the organization’s brand, industry, and business models to deliver market differentiation and leadership at both F500s and start-ups.

A sought-after speaker on digital trends, marketing, and business transformation, and highly qualified to advise CEOs and boards seeking to establish market leadership through deep industry knowledge and powerful digital expertise. Some of his major accomplishments are:

Rohit Prabhakar Created and led Thomson Reuters’s Enterprise Digital Marketing and E-commerce team of 120+ across 6 global locations, spearheading triple-digit growth in new model subscriptions, 250% improvement in ROAS, 30% reduction in operational cost, and 3X increase in overall conversion rates.

Rohit Prabhakar Established the Digital Marketing Center of Excellence (CoE) and Marketing Academy for McKesson, executing digital transformation across 10 business units with 100+ stakeholders which generated $900M in the new revenue and $40M in cost savings over a 7-year period.

Rohit Prabhakar was named winner of “2021 The CMO Awards”. Recognized as pioneer and industry leader in Digital Transformation, Marketing, MarTech, Data & AI; established and operated digital marketing for 3 large companies.

Rohit Prabhakar was a member of the key leadership team, taking the startup into hyper-growth, generating $20M in revenue, and growing the employee base from 10 to 1.2K employees in 5 years.

The CMO Club (A Salesforce company) built and shared his journey very beautifully.

Rohit Prabhakar's journey
Rohit Prabhakar’s journey