Life Changing Leadership lessons From My Wife And Daughter

Life Changing Leadership lessons From My Wife And Daughter

2022 ended for our family with a beautiful trip to Las Vegas and 3 national parks around. In 7 days we visited Zion National Park (should be on your must go places), Grand Canyon National Park and Death Valley National Park. We made lots of memories as a family and at the same time we learnt few things too. As I reflect back there are Life Changing Leadership lessons that I will apply in my daily professional life especially in capacity of a leader. As leaders we are responsible to bring the best out of our teams. Irrespective of the situation we must create “conditions of success”. As my wife led my daughter successfully through a challenging part of the trip, here are few things I learnt how she led. 

During our visit to Grand Canyon we decided to also visit the lower antelope canyon in Page, AZ. Lower Antelope Canyon is a stunning and spectacular place that you have to witness in person. It’s a place where picturesque colors and formations of the canyons will leave you mesmerized and without words. With well-worn paths, the views of these majestic canyons let visitors take their breath away with breathtaking colors which range from light pink to mustard yellow. With its narrow walls and sinuous curves, Lower Antelope Canyon provides an environment filled with beauty, tranquility, peace and serenity. 

Stairs to Antelope Canyon (Source:

But there is a catch! Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon can be both a thrilling and challenging experience. The canyon is approximately 120 feet deep, with narrow walls that can reach up to 70 feet high. There were set of long stairs and few were extremely steep with short steps. If I remember it right there were more than 5-6 flight of stairs I expected my daughter who is 7 year old to refuse to climb down and was ready to end the tour before it started. But that didn’t happen! She was scared and crying, on my wife’s encouragement, physical support and guidance to focus on just one step at a time she climbed down all the crazy flight of steep stairs. My daughter also has phobia for floating stairs as these don’t have the risers. 

It all started with my wife encouraging and pushing her little hard to try sharing that she will be below her and watch every step. It took some time to persuade her and then she acted as promised. On very step she told my daughter how well she was doing and only few more stairs were left. At the completion of each flight we all celebrated her win and shared how brave she was as she just overcame her fear. Some hi-fis were also exchanged.

After the flight #3 the big challenge arrived, a long, steep stairs with very short steps. You must descend these steps facing the stair like a ladder. This was an absolute No No! After spending few minutes and reminding my daughter of her recent win and especially how less challenging it became after she overcame her fear, my wife was able to persuade her again. This time she had to enlist me also to tell her that we both were covering for her. 

And it worked! We enjoyed the canyon and it came the best part of our vacation and now memories. My daughter has a new confidence. During our drive back to Vegas from Antelope canyon she shared that she is never going to let fear stop her from doing things that she must do (too much for 7 year old, time will tell). But we have been able to use this to remind her anytime she fears any thing. She had fear of skiing and has been pushing hard to not learn it. I am happy to share that she was able to overcome it in last 3 weeks and now enjoys learning ski and ready for her next lessons. 

Daughter learning Skiing

Here are the key Life Changing Leadership lessons I learnt from my wife and daughter

One step at a time

One of the most important leadership lessons I learnt is to focus on one step at a time to overcome fear of a large task. This means that rather than trying to do all or everything at once, and in a rush, it is far wiser to take things slowly and methodically; this allows for more effective decision making and problem-solving. Especially this is very important when you or your team member is taking a new challenge for the first time or is taking over a task that has very high risk.

Provide confidence, counseling and support

Having the back of your team means providing them with the resources and tools to achieve their goals, as well as offering moral support when they face difficulties. As a leader, it is important to show your team that you are confident in their abilities and have faith in their capacity to succeed. Being available to provide encouragement and counsel can go a long way to helping people confront their fears and doubts, as well as improve morale. This also allows team members to feel a sense of security in the work they do, which can help bring out their best performance.

Celebrate each small win – Life Changing Leadership lessons

Celebrating each small win is a great way to recognize the successes of team members and can be a powerful motivator. Every successful step in the right direction should be celebrated and recognized, no matter how small it might seem. Doing this will help boost morale, increase collaboration, and promote a sense of camaraderie within the team. Additionally, it will help demonstrate to team members that their efforts are appreciated, which can go a long way in helping them feel valued and motivated.

Remind recent win and encourage to take more risks

Reminding team members of their recent successes and encouraging them to take more risks can be an essential part of a successful leader’s strategy. Through this, leaders can remind team members that their efforts were not wasted, and that they have the ability to succeed. It can also help people gain confidence in their own abilities and skills, enabling them to take on bigger tasks in the future. Additionally, this can help people develop a more positive attitude and outlook towards their work, leading to better performance.

Leaders should take these lessons to heart and strive to always support and encourage those around them. By providing confidence, counseling and celebrating each small win, team members will feel empowered to take on big tasks with the assurance that their leader has faith in them. Additionally, by reminding team members of their successes, it can help instill a sense of enthusiasm and determination to take on greater challenges. This can lead to positive outcomes for both leaders and team members alike. Ultimately, taking these leadership lessons into account will allow any leader to succeed in inspiring and motivating their team.


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