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What is Brand Positioning in Marketing and How to Get it Right

Your brand’s name should be a reflection of your company, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose the first name that pops into your head. Just as you want your customers to remember you, you want your brand name to serve as an easily recognized symbol of your business and its promise to consumers.

Brand positioning in marketing can mean many things, depending on who you ask and what industry they’re in, but it all boils down to one thing—building equity in your brand so that it becomes synonymous with the best products or services in your niche.

Branding can be tricky. With so many competitors, the pressure is on to produce a brand that stands out from the pack. One way of achieving this is using a clever name for your business, one that encapsulates your identity or reflects your values. Brand names for sale abound online, but before buying, it’s important to consider how well this name will work with your brand.

Take these three examples of brand names as an example. Aardvark Apparel is a great name if you’re looking to start an ecommerce store selling clothes and accessories, but it might not work so well if you’re looking to sell makeup.

The same could be said of Acme Inc., which doesn’t necessarily convey what kind of company Acme is without some additional explanation. Meanwhile, other brand names, such as Cascadia, are strong because they use familiar words like ‘cascade’ and evoke feelings of waterfalls and mountains.

As consumers, we react emotionally to certain words, especially those rooted in memories or previous experiences. At least 95% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are based on emotion. In order to help businesses build their brand properly, it’s important that they understand what emotional response they want their brand name to evoke. It’s worth taking time and care when choosing a brand name for sale so you don’t end up spending time and money rebranding later on.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is a marketing strategy that defines your brand’s place in consumers’ minds. It answers questions like:

  • Who are we?
  • What does our company do?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • What makes us different from them?

The goal of good positioning is that consumers should be able to answer these questions without having to think about them for too long. This way, you can differentiate yourself from competitors without much effort on your part, which should save ample resources, including time and money, in the long run.

Why is brand positioning important?

Brand positioning can be a daunting task, but it’s one that will distinguish your company from the competition. It’s important because it shows potential customers what you’re about and how you compare to other brands.

You want your brand name to say something about who you are or at least not make people think of other things when they hear the name. For example, we all know Tide as a laundry detergent, but Tide also makes dish soap and fabric softeners. 

And even though all three products have the same logo, most people don’t usually think about Tide when they’re washing dishes or clothes with their soap/softener. But if you’re looking for laundry detergent, then Tide comes to mind first. In other words, each product has its place registered in our brains.

This is something you must constantly have at the back of your mind as you craft your brand name, whether through brainstorming or using a brand name generator.

Now let’s touch on examples of brands using their brand positioning well:


Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse himself and used it in almost every Disney-branded product. The mouse became the face of the brand early on and continues to live up to his namesake today.


Apple’s brand positioning centers around sleek design and superior quality. They use “Think Different” as their slogan, reflecting their motto ‘think different.’ Apple believes its customers need to think differently about their competitors’ brands.

Brand names for sale are very important in marketing as it sets your company apart from other businesses in your industry.

  • Brand position before anything else,
  • Always stay true to yourself and
  • Never forget who you really are


Branding is a must for any small business. It will give you an identity, differentiate your product from the competition, and create a unique brand name for sale. It should be done strategically so that you can achieve your short-term goals while also positioning yourself for success in the long run.

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