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Essential Skills for a Successful Digital Marketer

Essential skills for a successful digital marketer helps to touches the sky in a business. It can be overwhelming for newcomer marketers to find their proper place in this enormous digital industry. The realm of digital marketing is vast. From obtaining the knowledge of the best data analytics tools to understanding the concepts of content marketing, there is always a lot to understand to attain success with your marketing initiatives.

An excellent digital marketer comes with the ability to learn quickly about the Impact of Digitalization on Business, and they efficiently adapt to new changes. When an old skill turns less demanding, they pivot their way into the latest digital prospects.

What’s better is the demand for marketers with agile digital skills is always on hype in the industry. So, how do you plan to accelerate your journey way up of the corporate ladder and set yourself apart from the competition? 

Let’s talk about some of the essential skills that will help you succeed with your digital marketing journey.

1. Video Marketing:

Video marketing has always left a significant influence on the realm of the internet, and we can rest assured that it will be nowhere to stop anytime sooner. Customers love to see video-based commercials. When it comes to social media, it is proven that 8 out of 10 customers purchase as they see a brand’s video-based advertisement. 97% of the market state that video marketing should be an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. 87% of them reported that it provided more significant returns on their investments. 

However, you need to bear in mind that these are nothing more than loose stats that will change every time based on who you are asking. But, the fact that matters is most of these stats refers to significant conversion rates, higher customer engagements, and better SEO rankings when it’s about Video Marketing.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the critical aspect of the entire digital marketing domain. So, any individuals willing to take on this career prospect of digital marketing must have their grasp on the subjects of SEO. Even though you may have highly skilled individuals on your team with excellent technical knowledge, lacking in the terminologies of SEO and how it works will not take you so far. Generate your understanding of the best SEO practices and content optimization. It is always crucial to run a successful digital marketing program.

SEO and SEM both play vital roles in the entire digital marketing strategy. They explain the effectiveness of these practices on the level of data and content. So, make sure your entire marketing team is aware of its concepts, as it won’t be possible to proceed further enough without understanding how these two essential digital marketing skills work.

3. Content Marketing 

What is considered to be the core of Digital Marketing? Content marketing is the most crucial part of the plat, no matter what happens. However, understanding the concepts of content marketing is not an easy task itself. It is a big job to manage. What’s essential is the creation of high-quality content which should be SEO-friendly for all marketing channels. Learn first how to create a highly-effective content strategy that converts. 

4. Data/Analytics

You can be working on any element of digital marketing; analytics will always help you create your strategy and aid you with the creation of a better data-driven approach for marketing campaigns. SEO tools such as Google Analytics can assist you with pretty straightforward reporting and monitoring. However, the trickiest part remains, which is determining how to gather and use the data to learn better about the consumer’s behavior and then apply it to the marketing solutions to ensure enhanced traffic and conversion rates.

5. Design Thinking and Planning 

Design thinking can be explained as an approach to counter challenges from the user’s perspective. The process teaches us to think more humanely when dealing with complex challenges. And it consists of five phases that are

  • Empathize 
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype 
  • Test 

The reason behind the success of this approach is that it is always catered to the customer experience, which is prime for the success of any digital marketing initiative.

6. Agile Marketing

Agile in marketing is the ability to use customer feedback, data, and analytics to quickly create, evaluate results, pivoting and rapidly iterating. It is also found in digital marketer essential skills. In large organizations that have adopted agile in marketing, you can run hundreds of campaigns simultaneously and multiple new ideas every week. Here are some good resources on this topic:

What is Agile Marketing?

With rising customer expectations, marketing methodologies get more complex. Fortunately, agile marketing arrives as a tactical approach in which marketers can inclusively identify high-value projects that should be focused on more with their collective efforts.

In 2012, a group of progressive marketers conducted inclusive research to bring up a new marketing version of the Agile Manifesto. The idea was to come up with a set of values that would be agreed upon and will guide marketers as they will try to adopt more agile marketing methods.

Frameworks for an agile approach may change, but the values will always remain the same.

The manifesto explains these are the aspects valued by every Agile Marketer:

  • Validated learning approach over individual opinions and conventions.
  • Customer-centric collaboration over hierarchy and silos.
  • Quick response to forthcoming changes over following a pre-determined plan.
  • Several mini experimentations over a few big bets.

· Customer discovery over static prediction

These are the values that can be helpful for any marketer with an Agile Approach. 

In the Summary

Digital Marketing has always been in demand, and it is even revolutionizing more in this era. To become a successful digital marketer, you will have to understand its fundamentals and the essential skills which helps to become a successful digital marketer. Ensure to adhere to all these essential skills mentioned above and remain continuously updated on the latest marketing practices. It certainly will allow you to become a successful digital marketer.


Rohit is a visionary digital & marketing leader skilled at disrupting and transforming small to Fortune 500 companies. Renowned for designing and executing digital transformation that has enabled major business growth.

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