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Innovative B2B Marketing Strategies for 2022

Many businesses experienced 2021 as a year of great uncertainty and volatility. These situations were fueled by epidemic situations and continued to affect the ways businesses operate globally. Whereas such uncertainties always pose challenges, they also lead to inevitable innovations. Here on this topic, we are excited to share with readers what the future holds with B2B marketing strategies. As you think about your plans for the upcoming years, consider these innovative B2B marketing strategies.

Digital Transitions 

The epidemics have changed the way a business interacts with its customers. The remote interactions have taken the place of in-person interactions. Therefore, the customers now like dealing with a business at the comfort of their home throughout their entire purchase journey. To fulfill this requirement, they request a high-quality digital experience.

  • Now 90% of B2B customers start their purchase journey by searching for a provider online.
  • Customers are already done with 50% of their purchase process before making their final selection for a potential provider.
  • 73% of the customers are millennial, and about a third of them are the sole decision-makers.

The concept has turned from digital marketing to market in the digital world. If your business has not yet realized your customer’s journey in the complete online manner or you haven’t adopted a digitalized marketing strategy, don’t be late anymore. Doing so is now too vital to ensure your business meets all the expectations of your B2B buyers and your service remains relevant in the digital market world.

The Opportunities

  • Upgrade your business website to meet customers’ expectations with their online journey. The website works as the most prominent tool for any business sale promotion. It is the biggest marketing asset in the current market that works over the internet mostly.
  • Build your website for optimum mobile experience as Google now ranks that website on the top mobile-friendly in the SERPs. Thus, most customers are online for their purchase needs using their mobiles only. So you have to ensure they have the best online experience when they visit your website.
  • Explore and refine digital event opportunities because they will not get off the market anytime soon. There are also hybrid events on the rise that facilitate both in-person and digital options together. 

Customer-Centric Content Prioritization

When you create content that assists your B2B customers in making decisions, you showcase your expertise and values. This shift towards a digital purchase journey makes customer-centric digital content more crucial to ascertain business growth. 

  • 41% of the customers read certain content first before contacting a business.
  • About 70% of customers search and read content directly from a business website.
  • 77% of B2B businesses follow a Customer-Centric Content marketing strategy.
Innovative Marketing Strategies

The customers now prefer to seek more and more content online. If your business fails to showcase its expertise with content marketing strategy, you will miss a grave business growth opportunity. Moreover, strategic and relevant content helps your customers understand that you understand and care about their needs at each step of their purchase journey.

The Opportunities

  • By conducting a content audit, you will understand what sorts of customer needs are being encountered with your current content and where you can make modifications.
  • Make content targeting each step of the purchase journey. Therefore, consider hitting the correct range of content to meet customers’ expectations anywhere in their purchase process.
  • Invest in search engine optimization and marketing to confirm your customers find your content online and make connections with you through it. 

 Ai-Enabled Marketing

Automated B2B marketing initiatives based on AI and machine learning is already benefiting marketers with more effective and faster insights and analytics. AI can assist with everything from targeting the right audience to segmentation, personalization, lead scoring, and content marketing insights.

  • 2/3 of the B2B marketers have been taking steps to evaluate and implement AI for marketing and sales initiatives.
  • AI and machine learning are here to generate more than $1.4 trillion in value by helping marketers solve marketing and sale concerns over the coming three years.
  • The implementation of AI by marketers soared between 2018 to 2020. It took a jump from 29% to 84% within these two years.

Corporate data and analytics have become gravely sophisticated, and they are converging with AI to unlock new customer insights so marketers can drive new marketing opportunities.

The Opportunities

  • Leverage AI’s predictive capabilities for analytics. The use of website cookies to track user activities has now become a customer privacy concern. New regulations resist you from doing so. AI can come in handy to fill that void by utilizing predictive analytics to tell marketers what customers are doing online.
  • AI content strategy tools offer a plethora of customer intent data. It helps target the right audience looking for your products in the market.
  • Custom-made campaigns based on AI can help reach people who conduct specific keyword searches when visiting a website. Therefore, this data can help you target potential customers using custom-made marketing campaigns.

Final Takeaway

The coming time is going to be exciting for innovative B2B marketing strategies. The marketing world is becoming increasingly digital. Also, it’s turning personal too. Hence, AI-driven initiatives provide more meaningful insights and help marketers create more effective and targeted campaigns and strategies. The key lies in figuring out how we can integrate these modern-day trends to lead us to our desired enterprise goals.


Rohit is a visionary digital & marketing leader skilled at disrupting and transforming small to Fortune 500 companies. Renowned for designing and executing digital transformation that has enabled major business growth.

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