Top 5 Benefits of Implementing Marketing Technology in Your Business Strategy

Technology is moving faster than ever before and with this customer’s expectations are getting higher too. MarTech marketing technology is becoming key for organizations to meet and exceed customer expectations. MarTech helps organizations fill the digital gap created due to the rapid advancement in technology and evolving consumer behavior. The advancement in artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation helps marketers catch up with recent market trends and speed up the organization’s changes. This blog will discuss the top five benefits of implementing MarTech in your business strategy.

Data unlocking with analytics tools

In this fast-changing digital world, data is the key to sustainable growth for a business. With access to more data than ever before, marketers now can unlock data that most well-funded organizations just a few years ago. The data has now become the resource that needs analysis and refinement to deliver the best for a business. This is why the analytics industry is estimated to grow 10-15 % by 2022.

Analytics tools have now become necessary for companies to add in their marketing technology to utilize data fully. With this, an organization can increase the ROI and effectiveness of its marketing strategy. Due to this, companies are now bringing analytics into the center of the decision-making process to remove any bias and become data-driven to serve their customers better. Change in an organizational culture where data can be utilized to improve and optimize social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and email personalization.

Marketing automation for increasing efficiency

Brands need to maintain their strong presence in consumers’ minds to influence purchasing decisions. But due to so much noise in the digital world, maintaining a strong presence now becomes a challenging task for marketers.Automating the marketing efforts has become important for brands to scale up their efforts and engage consumers in this digital world. Move forward from one size fits all marketing policy to cut through the digital noise. Customers are moving away from products and ads that they don’t find interesting or improve their lives. Automating the market processes allows marketers to connect with consumers in a more personalized way that offers real value.

Marketing automation is improving the productivity of the business by 15-20 percent. Marketing automation is a critical component that helps in increasing and scaling the scope of campaigns. The number of people doesn’t limit a marketing campaign’s success as automation allows in increasing the digital world’s brand footprint and provides better ROI. automation is enabling the organization to sustain its relationship with the existing customers and attract new ones.

Increasing engagement with management tools

Social media has become a great medium for businesses to connect with customers and increase sales. Even after this huge popularity, some businesses are failing to make an impact on these digital platforms. With the right management tools, creating fresh content, responding to customer queries, and increasing brands looks like an easy and achievable task. Marketers need a MarTech stack to fill in the customer expectation gap; automate and optimize customer interactions with brands over social media platforms.

Social media management tools help in publishing and schedule posts when there is maximum engagement. Automatic reposting of high engagement content to increase reach and monitoring competitors to find the latest trends and topics to improve business marketing strategySocial listening becomes an important tool for brands to understand and analyze what people are saying about their brand, products, and competitors. With these valuable and unbiased insights, businesses can improve their marketing and business strategies.

Improving customer experience

Marketers are expected to focus largely or entirely on customer experience with the brand in the next two years. Today’s consumers are more inclined to buy from brands that offer better engagement, relevance, and personalized solutions as per their needs. This seamless customer experience is hard for companies to achieve without a MarTech stack. Artificial intelligence helps organizations analyze and process vast customer data to give that personalized experience to their customers. In a survey, many marketing executives have shown concerns that their organization is not mature when it comes to providing a personalized touch to customers. This is a clear indication of organizations’ slow response and how critical marketing technology is to meet customer expectations. 

Without the MarTech stack, organizations will become an impossible task to track the buyer’s journey. Marketing technologies are empowering the organization to analyze the customer data and forge connections in real-time. A streamlined ecosystem ensures that every customer gets a seamless and personalized customer experience.

Improving ROI and productivity

Organizations are looking to streamline their processes and become more efficient in managing their digital assets with the help of digital asset management. Marketers are creating digital content like images, videos, audio, and other content to target every stage of the buyer’s journey. It is vital to create an easily accessible and organized digital library to track all these digital assets. The DAMs are helping marketers avoid duplication of the content and save valuable time while searching media assets. Digital asset management technology provides a way to give highly relevant content that gives the personalized experience consumer demand.

Experts believe that DAM software is estimated to 30-35 percent growth by 2024.

In addition to providing increased efficiency, this software enables organizations and marketers to track usage and digital assets’ ROI. These valuable insights are empowering CMOs to optimize their marketing strategy to get better ROI from further media creation. 

Final words

MarTech stack becomes essential for brands to achieve rapid progress in this digital consumer landscape. It has become an essential tool for the organization to get valuable insights from the data and to optimize for a better customer experience in real-time. AI and ML enable organizations to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns and maintain that personalization touch that today’s customer demands. With that personalized touch, MarTech helps bring the brand closer to consumers, improve the ROI on marketing initiatives, drive more sales, and delight their customers.


Rohit is a visionary digital & marketing leader skilled at disrupting and transforming small to Fortune 500 companies. Renowned for designing and executing digital transformation that has enabled major business growth.

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