How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business Forever

The world around us is changing very fast, industries are transforming, and small companies are slowly capturing the market with innovations. Robotics and artificial intelligence have faded the business’s word monopoly, and anyone with an innovative solution and right approach can establish their brand in the market.

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Importance of AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming more diverse as it provides businesses the ability to analyze the data, fraud detection, improving customer satisfaction, and building relationships. Companies are getting an edge over others and serving their customers even better than ever before. AI is providing solutions to complex human problems with the help of algorithms in a computer-friendly way.

Advanced ML and AI are now actively implementing businesses and industries as robots, self-driven cars, consumer electronics, and an application to improve business processes, products, and services. In the upcoming years, most business processes will be automated, and human efforts will be put into creative aspects of the business, such as brainstorming, innovating, and researching. AI-based apps allow business leaders to focus on business growth & save time by automating common business processes.

However, experts have made many AI predictions and how it is going to shape the business forever. Here are some of the business areas where AI has proved its worth and changed the way businesses used to operate.

Market & Customer Insights

Artificial intelligence is helping businesses to analyze market trends and customer insights. Data collected from system to web matrix and social media can be used in the predictive analysis to enhance customer satisfaction and build a better product. AI provides opportunities for start-ups to adopt different thought processes and search for innovative solutions for business growth. Businesses are optimizing marketing strategies, and AI helps them opt for effective marketing tools to target potential customers and eliminate unlikely customers. Social media has emerged as one of the greatest mediums for getting customer insights, and most businesses are using these platforms to connect with customers. Artificial intelligence effectively understands social media trends, and data mining allows AI to analyze different types of social media traffic. This will enable businesses to adapt to the changing market scenario and continually improve business performance.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants and AI chatbots are becoming important tools for businesses to connect with customers and provide 24/7 chat support and customer service. Many companies have already added these to their website, and others plan to use artificial intelligence for virtual assistance. Many businesses are still skeptical about the idea of the customer speaking with the machine, but still, there is a potential for machine-driven aid with human-driven customer service. E-commerce industries are using AI chatbots to answer simple questions, while human-driven customer support can solve complex service issues. Chatbots and virtual assistance provide 24/7 interaction with potential buyers that is not that easy & effective to achieve with human-driven customer support. There is no doubt that next decade virtual assistants and AI chatbots will become an integral part of customer service. More companies are going to focus on improving and enhancing customer service.

Efficient sales process

AI has changed the old sales technique and moved businesses from cold calling and long emails to customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, print media, and TV commercials are becoming effective tools to connect with new and old customers. Artificial intelligence helps businesses adopt an innovative and effective sales approach to connect with the right customer on the right platform. AI helps sales teams know their customers better and offer tailored offers to convert a potential lead into sales. E-commerce platforms are using AI for conducting online surveys, asking questions to understand customer’s preferences. This enables these platforms to show products that are the best fit for a customer, increasing the chance of a conversion. AI has transformed and made the sales process efficient where customers are offered tailored solutions. Better conversion rates and getting customer insights are some of the major benefits of AI that help improve sales and serve them better.

Data Unlocking

Earlier businesses are generating relatively less data, which is easy to store databases in a structured way and also analyze it. Having fewer data to explore makes it easier for business leaders to give valuable insights from the collected data for business. But now, the entire business scenario has changed. With so much data from different resources, it isn’t easy to understand and categorize whole data in a structured way. Most of the business data from the digital platforms are unstructured that makes it hard to analyze. In the upcoming years, a business challenge is to effectively analyze this unstructured data and use it to take their business to the next level. 

AI helps organizations in data unlocking and provides businesses with opportunities to offer well-structured data and analyze it efficiently. Businesses are improving their sales and customer satisfaction by identifying customer personalities with the help of AI. 

Process Automation

Businesses have realized the potential of automation and, in the last few decades, automate their processes. Automation tools are helping businesses to innovate and develop solutions to make the processes automated. Automation tools were introduced in the home appliances and later paved their way in the industry as industrial robots. Now, in industries, humans and robots are working alongside to deliver the best results. Most industrial leaders have predicted this rise of AI will create a new era of automation. Even small algorithms are playing a major role in industries like retail, hospitality, and e-commerce industries. Automating the processes allows industries to do a task efficiently and work 24 hours without a break.


Artificial intelligence in robotics has allowed big and small businesses to innovate and implement new methods to improve and meet their desired goals. Even new start-ups are actively using AI to get an edge over established businesses and setting them up as brands in the market. From self-driven cars to robots used in manufacturing processes to deliver better efficiencies compared to humans, there is no denying that AI has slowly become an essential part of our lives.


Rohit is a visionary digital & marketing leader skilled at disrupting and transforming small to Fortune 500 companies. Renowned for designing and executing digital transformation that has enabled major business growth.

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