Top Data and Analytics Trends to Watch out for 2021

The year 2020 has been challenging for many companies, but one area that has seen consistent growth even in the uncertain market condition has been data analytics. Businesses now realized the importance of data and analytics; without the right data and proper analysis, it is difficult for a business to make the best decisions. The change in consumer behavior is one of the major factors pushing businesses worldwide to update their business strategies to stay relevant and future-ready consistently. Pandemic has given opportunities for businesses to change their business strategy and prepare them for unexpected market scenarios. This blog will discuss top data and analytics trends that flourish in 2021.

data and analytics

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the science that aims to execute tasks performed by the human with the help of machines. With AI development, businesses have changed their way of analyzing data and analytics to make crucial decisions and strategic changes to stay relevant and competitive. It is predicted that businesses will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI by the end of 2024. In this post-covid market scenario, all the historical user and business data will no longer be valid due to changed market conditions. The AI-based algorithm will help businesses in 2021 detect anomalies by learning from historical data and will notify the users immediately in case of an unexpected event.


Cloud will be the future of data storage, and the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a faster shifting of the businesses towards the cloud. The businesses that failed to adapt to this sudden shift have paid a high cost in 2020. The adoption of hybrid and cloud systems has given the organization the power to involve everyone in their organization in decision-making processes rather than seniors taking all decisions. Cloud services are enabling organizations to work at a fast rate and doing quick and efficient work analysis. 

These enhanced self-service analytics and data literacy applications will play a significant role in making it a reality. This means that the year 2021 will see a shift across the sectors to data freedom and organizational behaviors. There is no doubt that this is going to be future of the storage and will become a new stack

Real-time Data & Analytics

The post-pandemic market scenario resulted in a shift in consumer behavior, and all the older data became irrelevant for the organization. The need for real-time data and analysis became extremely important for an organization to adapt according to the current changing marketing and developing strategies for staying future-ready. In 2021, real-time data and analytics will become a new normal for businesses and everyday people. Accessing critical information quickly and adapting to new challenges that the next year will bring along with it will be the biggest challenge for businesses. There is no doubt that Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions will be more in action in 2021, and real-time data analysis will be their main driver.

Data security

Data security is one of the most discussed topics that remained on everyone’s lips in 2020 and will continue even in 2021. The implementation of privacy regulations in the USA, EU, and other countries have heated the discussions of protection of users’ personal information and data security. In the year 2021, most businesses will shift their focus to data security. Businesses that have set these three things – privacy, safety, and security as their primary goal will have the edge over the competitor in the upcoming year. In the pre and post-pandemic, the incidents of data breaches have increased all over the world. It is understandable why users are concerned and why businesses are investing in security products and services.

Mobile Business Intelligence

The next trend that will continue in 2021, mobile business intelligence, has a lot to offer, but the devices’ impracticality has held them back. One of these devices’ significant drawbacks is that the data is large, and mobile screens are smaller than a computer. It makes it difficult for a user to analyze the information thoroughly. In 2021, professionals plan to recreate the analytical capabilities for mobiles or tablets to enhance the user experience. The market is still growing slowly, but more vendors and BI solutions with the option within their software like mobile dashboard will see a boom looking at the current market conditions.

Companies will soon be switching towards these ultimate solutions looking at the benefits of accessing information, more straightforward data representation, etc., from anywhere and anytime. With mobile BI, organizations can access data in real-time, which means faster response to any business occurrences and more freedom to access the information for anyone who isn’t in the office but need to access it.

Software as a service BI

One of the best business intelligence solutions that have progressed in the last year and will continue to prosper even in 2021 is SaaS. COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new norm of working remotely for companies, even for those who rely on humans to perform daily tasks. Following the current market trend, the businesses that have opted for SaaS BI gained more flexibility and easy access to the data on the cloud from anywhere with any device. These technologies enable an organization data movement, and easy access from anywhere will become one of the most critical trends in 2021. SaaS BI is the future of business analytics and provides the possibility to perform its analysis for a business. This analysis is available to anyone from any location and can adapt according to the current and future market conditions.


These are the top data and analytics trends that have already dominated the year 2020 and will continue to do so even in 2021. Adapting to these new future trends and planning accordingly will undoubtedly give a business edge over its competitors in the upcoming year. Following a data-driven approach has become a necessity for the business, and all these trends will guide and help businesses to stay relevant and future-ready in 2021.


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