Problem solving needs Common sense, more than intelligence

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense. – Thomas A. Edison

My recent experience helped me understand that it takes common sense; more than intelligence to create best solution in every situation.

My son goes to kindergarten and the entrance is through an enclosure. We all drop and pick the kids at this enclosure. The enclosure has a big door on the fence, which is open using a door stopper only during the time of drop and pickup.

The door stopper went missing few days ago. As a makeshift stopper we have been using one of the kick ball to stop the door from closing.

Normal SolutionToday was very different as it is very windy here. I went to pick up my son and I was the first one to be at the door. once the staff opened the gate, I was holding it to let others get in. Once I was done it was time to put the kick ball as stopper (remember the door stopper went missing). I kept the kick ball at the normal position but the wind pushed the door and the ball went away, closing the door. I again opened it and put the ball back, wind wasted my effort again.
Here comes another person ( seems like an engineer like me) and puts the kick ball tightly again. Again blew the wind and there went the ball, closing the door.

During all this time a grand mother was watching us (the smart professionals).  This time she pitched in, picked the ball and put it at another spot where the door shuts. Wind blew again and again and again, but the door was left open this time.

Smart SolutionI watched this to my amazement and kept thinking about this. More I think more I want to remember that it takes common sense to create great solutions.

We were too focused to do it the way we have been doing since many days. We forgot our main goal to keep the door from locking. The goal was never to keep the door wide open. A person with a common sense walks in and finds a solution that is perfect for the need.


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