CIO Role in Big Data

Today I came across an awesome post by McKinsey on how CIO should play a vital role in the Big Data for their company as CIO have the influence and credibility to run such projects.

To help companies raise their game on how they use data and analytics for competitive advantage, CIOs should master four critical roles:

  • as venture capitalist, showcasing the “art of the possible” to internal customers by highlighting the most promising ideas to apply big data and advanced analytics

  • as product manager, assembling easy-to-use big data and advanced analytics “products” designed to match patterns of use by internal customers

  • as recruiter, motivating and retaining the best talent

  • as business leader, building the discipline to enable transformational change and impact at scale

In this article, McKinsey describe some of the steps CIOs are taking in each of these areas and offer insights from the chief executives of information at AIG and Merck.


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