View speaker notes privately while delivering a presentation

Today I tried to Google, how I can see the notes in my presentation while I am presenting using a live meeting on the other screen and no one else can see those notes. After some research I landed on a documentation on Microsoft that helped to achieve this. It is highly useful feature and worth knowing by anyone who spends lot of time presenting either live on different screen/projector or in virtual meeting (LiveMeeting, WebEx etc.) This post will help anyone who wants to know “how to view speaker notes privately while delivering a presentation”

MS PowerPoint has a Presenter View, which is a great way to view your presentation with speaker notes on one computer, while your audience views the notes-free presentation on a different monitor/projector. You can also use a a pen to annotate during the presentation. Please find the details on Microsoft site for PowerPoint Support. Following is the key steps from this article from Microsoft

Prerequisites for using Presenter view

Before you can use Presenter view, do the following:

Ensure that computer you are using for your presentation supports the use of multiple monitors. Most desktop computers these days have multiple monitor support built in, however if not, you’ll require two video cards.


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