Leave a Trail of The Genius

1000 things on a shelf
Slide from Aaron's deck

Few months back I got a chance to listen to my mentor’s mentor, Mr. Prashant Pala. He was sharing a lesson from life. Mr. Prashant Pala is a highly successful entrepreneur and a great visionary. Every time I have got a chance to talk to Prashant or listen him I have gathered a few years of wisdom in few short minutes. At such a young age I could never imagine anyone having so much of wisdom.

Lets get back to where i started, I was talking about life lessons. The same lesson came back to me few days ago while listening to a speaker at An Event Apart. It was Mr. Aaron Walter, talking on subject “From Idea to Interface”. He shared how twitter came to existence. To cut the story short, the concept of idea came to its founder almost 6 years before it came into existence. The founder didn’t let the idea die when he got it and all whom he shared it with ridiculed him. He put the idea onto paper which was used years later. Aaron talked about “1000 things on the Shelf”. He Talked about letting all your ideas be noted and shelved so that you can take them out when a right time comes.

The twitter Idea on paper
Twitter on paper, mark of a genius

As a very successful, genius person says ” Luck is when Opportunity meets Preparedness”.

The same was shared by Mr. Prashant Pala when he was talking about “leave a trail of a genius”. He was sharing that always carry a notebook and pen. As soon as you get any idea or good though in your mind, note it down. Once you write those down you give your ideas a chance to live else so many thoughts (and many of them great ones) come to our minds but are lost before we may even think about them. That is what makes the genius different from most of us. While a genius will always note them down, most of us will let it die, everyday and every time.

Leave a trail of a genius! Give your ideas a chance to live. Don’t let your thoughts die.

I Wish the best to the Genius inside you.

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