The fall of Google Nexus One

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - JANUARY 5:  Mario Queiroz,...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

No more Nexus one online, it is officially offline! Today Google announced a huge change to their dream model of selling NexusOne on through their own website. Google at it’s official blog that the site that they have created will be no more available and the phone will be sold through the conventional channels. Meantime Sprint has also announced that they are no more interested in offering NexusOne to their customers.

All these announcements are coming after a poor sales of the phone. I was always interested in finding out the outcome of this sales model since the day of its inception. I never prayed or thought of a failure of this model but was interested in the studying the impact of the success or failure of this model. The recent announcement has very well portrayed that the customers want to have a touch and feel of things before they would buy it online.

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