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Saturday Scrum Sprint 03
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Sprint Planning Meeting

  • Planning must be done at the beginning of every sprint cycle.
  • Team selects items from the product backlog they can commit to completing
  • Sprint backlog is created by the entire team.
  • Tasks are identified and each is estimated (1-16 hours)
  • Collaboratively, not done alone by the ScrumMaster
  • An Eight hour limit applies to this meeting. During the 1st 4 hrs The Product owner and team prioritizes the product backlog and later only team plans the sprint and creates the Sprint Backlog.
  • Time limit: 8 hrs

Daily Scrum (Daily Standup) Meeting

Daily Scrum is more like a daily project status meeting which is very short and nothing other than the status can be discussed. The following are the key characteristics of Scrum.

  • Daily and starts precisely on time.
  • Daily Scrum must happen at same location and every working day at same time
  • Only Scrum Master and Team members can speak (anyone can join)
  • Not for problem solving (no discussions on reasons/approach etc.)
  • Everyone answers 3 questions and the Scrum Master documents this:
    • What have you done since yesterday?
    • What are you planning to do today?
    • Anything in the way (issues/concerns). The resolution cannot be discussed in the Scrum. It should be discussed after.
  • Time limit: 15-minutes

The Sprint Review Meeting

  • Outcome of the sprint is reviewed. What is completed and what is left.
  • A demo is provided of the completed work only.
  • Team and anyone from outside can participate (Open House)
  • Time limit: 4 hours.

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

  • This meeting is for identifying and implementing continuous process improvements
  • Two questions are asked:
    • What went well in the Sprint?
    • What could be improved in next Sprint?
  • The outcome is what to Start / Stop / Continue.
  • This is attended by team, ScrumMaster and Product Owner.
  • Time limit: 3 hrs
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