Leaders, expect the best from team!

Expect the Best!
Expect the Best!

Good leaders don’t waste time on the weakness of the team members as they concentrate only on the strengths of others. They don’t waste too much of time on doing the postmortem of the failures of their team members. Instead they look for the strengths of the individual team members. They understand that more than anything else their attitude determines the outcome of the efforts of the entire team as it will determine the orientation of the entire team. If the leader expects good things from the team and shows the confidence on the entire team, the team members will go extra mile to live up to the expectations or to exceed it.

Remember the age old golden rule:

To be a good leader we need to learn the art of finding the good side of everyone and building on that.

That is how the brotherhood strengthens and a team is built! That is what I have successfully practiced all these years.

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