Netflix and Warner Bros. deal: They win we loose!


Online DVD rental pioneer Netflix Inc.  has reached a new deal with Warner Bros. As per the agreement Netflix will wait 28 days before offering any of the Warner Bros. new release DVDs to its customers.

The Winners are:


  • Warner Bros. Netflixgets discount on Warner Bros. titles
  • gets rights to stream many additional movies
  • gets many old movies/series that are currently not a part of their library.

Warner Bros.

  • As nearly 75% of the DVD sales are made in the first month of the release, this will ensure that Warner Bros. sell enough of DVDs.

Here we loose:


  • Wait for 28 days (most probably more as everyone cannot get it at the same time, limited copies) or go out and buy DVD
  • Watch a handful of old movies (similar to what is done by most renting companies in India as they all have a limited library and that too with more old titles)

What are you going to do now? Bear the frustration/ Move to someone else (Blockbuster etc.)

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