Mac vs PC

The two choices available to the public today are the Macintosh interface and Windows Personal Computer. Though both serve the same function, the interface are significantly different.

For instance, the control buttons are arranged differently in the keyboards pad, which can cause confusion in using formulas and control functions when shifting from a Mac to PC or vice-versa. The orientation of the basic commands in the software programs also differs. For a PC, the exit, minimize, or maximize option of programs are located on the upper right hand area. While in a Mac, these same options are placed at the upper left.

Due to being first in the market, PCs are more commonly used worldwide. It’s the program and interface that most computer manufacturers use for their laptops and desktops. This makes it more accessible and available, thus cheaper to own as well. Distribution is wider, which permits a larger user base to operate this interface. With more users on its side, compatibility to a PC is essential for gadgets and new developments to be successfully launched in a market.

The strength of PC is on basic programs that are commonly used by people in work or school such as word documents, tabular sheets, or presentation materials with the Microsoft Office software. Using these programs in a PC allows more shortcuts and formulations, which are missing in the Mac version of the same software.

Its weakness though is its vulnerability to virus that makes PCs more susceptible to breakdowns and crashes. Safekeeping of documents is a challenge because of this, thus the need to back-up regularly. Security of information is also an issue as hacking of information from PCs are easier to manipulate.

The power of a Mac is on a niche target market, those that are more savvy and advanced in their requirements for technology. Though it is capable of running basic programs, its specialty is on the honing creative outputs such as photographs, designs, movies, and music.

Macintosh is very clear and focused on the artistic and creative market, that they are confident to change the rules of the game vs. the conventions set by the pioneers in the industry, the PC.

Their advantage for catering to a more targeted user base is that there are significantly less virus threats on a Mac, which is the downfall of a PC. But due to the major difference between a Mac and a PC, which everyone is used makes it difficult for people to shift as a longer adjustment period has to be allotted.

Both has its pros and cons for use, but are equally efficient in helping one work smartly. Which one is better is not the question, which one is more fit for an individual’s use for a computer is.

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