Business leader should be a Psychologist

There is huge difference in financial success and success. Financial success is far less dependent on hard work and knowledge than it is on the ability to lead and motivate people. Bill Gates would not have been Bill Gates if had not lead and motivate team Microsoft. If he had continued with just hard work he would have been another IT Consultant. I have seen many people moving very fast in their early careers because of their knowledge and then getting stagnant. The reason is very simple, they donot know the art of multiplying themselves as Mr. Ray knew. We all know Ray for the McDonalds around because he was able to multiply himself very sucessfully.

For lower levels in career promotions are all based on knowledge but as we move higher in the ladder it is more and more dependent on human relations. For a manager it is 50% each but for a CEO it is close to 80% of only human relation skills rather than knowledge of Java, concrete or thread. The German poet Goethe observed “the greatest genius will not be worth much if he pretends to draw exclusively from his own resources.” most of us ignore this law and try to do the impossible and hence remain unsucessful.

All great leaders have been master is understanding and motivating people rather then being expert in their knowledge. They practicised this as they knew they had subject matter experts in their team who can take care of everything once ignited. Such leaders know the art to inspire others and get the best out of others.
Remember Charles Schwab said ” I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among the men the greatest asset I possess, and any leader who can do that can go almost anywhere and name almost any price.” I have personally practised this for last many years both at work and life and always had outstanding results!

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