The Benefits of VOIP!!

The benefits of technology and lowering of costs across all industries due to globalization is totally evident in the falling costs of communication. I remember few years ago it used to cost a huge amount to call India from USA. Reliance used to be the major player and rest were some shady calling cards.

With the advent of new companies like Vonage, reliable calling, airtel callhome and many others it is really becoming better and better. But the better news is that it is really getting cheaper and cheaper! I recently bough a Vonage connection and it is free calling to almost 50+ countries. My mom who is visiting me from India is having a great time in getting touch with her friends. I never have to worry about the bill getting inflated…all thanks to Technology and globalization!

With a ongoing scheme from Vonage you can even get 2 months of free calling. Use the code (7072351994) at this link to get the offer of Free unlimited International calling to over 60 countries including India, Mexico and Canada.

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