Continuous Integration

During last few months I got chances to test some automation tools for my build and release process after I was made “Automation Evangelist” for my group ( ;o) that I never was). These tools have exceptionally helped us to automate the build and release effort. My team has seen a considerable increase in quality.

Continuous Integration is one of the buzzwords in the list of Xtreme Programming best practices.”Continuous Integration” means that everyone on the team integrates their changes back into the source repository frequently, verifying that the changes didn’t break anything. These days, most people associate Continuous Integration to be highly automated as well, i.e. having an automatic build system in place to continuously verify that the code in the repository compiles and passes all its tests. That is why we are using CruiseControl.

In the next few days I will be writing about some of these tools like ANT and CrusieControl.

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